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Are you interested in having a portrait sculpture made, but aren’t sure how to begin? If this is your first time commissioning an artist, the process can seem confusing! How does it work?

First, you start with an idea. You just welcomed a child into the family and want to celebrate her arrival. Perhaps you’d like to surprise Mom with an heirloom work of art dedicated to her. Or maybe you’d like to remember a beloved pet with a custom figure to display on your mantle. Every project, like every subject, is unique! The best way to begin is by envisioning how you’d like your subject presented and where the piece will ultimately be.

Next, you talk to the artist. You know (mostly) what you want, but probably have questions. Julia will discuss your project concept and advise you on how best to make it a reality. This can include size, format (such as bas relief versus portrait bust) and your options for material and finish. Sometimes, clients have very specific desires for their piece, and sometimes they ask Julia to sculpt an interpretation of the subject in her own style.  

Once the design of the piece is settled upon, Julia draws up a cost estimate and production schedule based on the hours and materials necessary to create your sculpture. After agreeing on the project’s price and timeline, you and Julia also agree on a formal payment schedule. Then, you can make a first payment on your project to reserve your production slot.

When the project start date arrives, work begins. Julia provides you with updates and pictures for your approval as your piece reaches its milestones. Before your sculpture is cast or fired, she will make sure you are completely satisfied, then your custom work of art is off to transform into its final medium! After cleanup and finishing, you make your final project payment and the sculpture is ready for pickup or shipping.