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Life Casting Services

A life casting is a uniquely personal item that perfectly captures you or your loved ones in both form and gesture. At Toolmark Studio, we strive to elevate hand casting from simple keepsake to museum-quality work of art.

Toolmark Studio is now pleased to offer premium life casting services by appointment. Each piece is cast in durable sculptor’s plaster, hand-finished to a rich antique patina, and museum-mounted on an elegant base, creating a one-of-a-kind heirloom to be displayed for years to come.

Sculptor Julia Ambrose Murphy will help you create a concept that expresses the story behind the subject—be it a couple’s love, parents’ devotion, or a graduate’s triumph—capturing that story in a beautiful work of art. The expert touch of a professional artist ensures that your commissioned hand casting will be an elegant addition to your home!

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Life Casting Price List

Click here for a basic price list for Toolmark Studio's Premium Life Casting Services.

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Custom Base Options

Toolmark Studio life casts are mounted on beautiful custom bases made by local Connecticut artisans.


Life Casting Questions?

Find answers to commonly asked questions about the life casting process in our FAQ.

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